Drift X1+ User Guide


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Camera Specification

Resolution Ratio: 1080P/30FPS 720P/30FPS

Video Format: .MP4 (H.264 Codec)

Sensor: CMOS

Dept of Field: 0.8 Meter - Infinite

Angle of Lens (Opposite Angle): 87°

Pixel: 8 Megapixel

Microphone: Built-in Microphone

USB: Micro-USB

External Memory: Micro SD, SDHC MAX Memory 32 GB

Compatibility: Windows 7 or above/MAC OSX10.5 or above

Size: 176.5X174.8X27mm (Belt not include)

Weight: 97g

Power Supply: Built-in Lithium Battery, 1160 mAH, Support continuous video chat for 3 hours

Battery Life: 3 hours


Package Include

1. X1+ Video Chat Head Camera    2. Bluetooth earphone      3. Micro USB Cable

4. Head Stripe                     5. Multiple Purpose Strap    6. User Manual

7. Camera Bag



Getting Started


Please charge the camera before the first use of it.

• Take out the camera and the Micro-USB cable.

• Connect the USB cable to computer to start charging the camera;

• During charging, if the battery is not fully charged, the battery indicator LED blinks green

twice successively; after fully charged, the indicator LED becomes solid green. 


Install Micro SD Card

• Open the USB lid on Micro SD card slot;

• Insert a Micro SD/SDHC card with Class 6 or higher (max memory of 32 GB) in the

direction of sign on the camera and push the lid until it is closed.

• Put on the USB slot protection cover.

• Do not apply or remove the Micro SD card during the camera is switched on.


Use the Camera

• Be sure the battery is fully charged and Micro SD card is inserted before using the


• Press and hold the power/mode button for a while to turn on the camera.

• Press “Record” button to enter into Scanning QR mode.

• Start “Drift Talk” App on your mobile phone, follow the instructions to select X1+ model and input router’s info, when you saw QR code on screen, point your camera to it (around 20cm distance), the camera should recognize the QR code then switch to live stream mode (connect to the router, send live stream to cloud platform).



Drift Talk App

Install "Drift Talk" on your Android phone,,, or “Drift Meeting” on iOS phone, you can find the App on Google Play or Apple Store


Using “Drift Talk” App

1. First connect the Bluetooth headset to the mobile phone - press and hold the Bluetooth headset to power button, the indicator light flashes red and flashes alternately, enter the pairing state, enter the phone settings - Bluetooth - search device BL1314, click pair to complete the connection.

2. Open APP“Drift Talk”,click the button “Create Meeting” on the upper right corner,choose “X1+”.



3. Enter the mobile phone hotspot name and password (for indoor use, you can enter the router hotspot information to save 4G data), click Next, press the camera instructions to start the camera's QR code scanning function.

4. Enter the QR code page and use the camera to scan the QR code to access the network. After the connection is successful, you can watch the real-time video feed from X1+ on your phone. 


5. Click on “Invite Friends” button, you now can send the meeting code to your friend, with this code, your friend can have a video chat with you from either his mobile phone or computer.



       Receiver screen                              Initiator screen



Tips: to achieve the best sound, please wear a Bluetooth headset during use and make sure the Bluetooth headset is connected to the phone.


Drift Talk PC Client

Please download Drift Talk from here, and install "Drift Talk" on your Windows (support Windows 7 or above).

Using “Drift Talk” PC Client

1. Launch “Drift Talk” from your PC. Please make sure your PC has a camera installed, before a video chat, you will get a meeting code first, and then input your user name and the meeting code.

2.Click “JOINT Now”, you will see the following video chat window.


X1+ Voice prompts and Status Indicator

1. Press and hold the power/mode button for a while to turn on the camera, it will voice prompt: “Video Mode”. The Status Indicator LED will be solid red.

2. Press “Record” button to enter into Scanning QR mode, it will voice prompt: “start scanning”. The Status Indicator LED will blink cyan-blue.

3. Point your camera to your mobile phone QR code (around 20cm distance), once recognize the QR code, it will voice prompt: “scanning successful”, and then “Wi-Fi connecting”. The WIFI Indicator LED will blink red.

4. Once connect the Wi-Fi hotpot successfully, it will voice prompt “Wi-Fi connecting successful”.The WIFI Indicator LED will be solid red. Otherwise, if it fail, it will voice prompt:”WiFi connection failed.” The WiFi Indicator LED will light off.

5. Once connect the Cloud Server successfully, it will voice prompt “start streaming”.The Status Indicator LED will be solid red.




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